Stepping Backward

Sometimes taking two steps is the best thing you can do.


Slow and Steady

After more than an hour between cutting, pinning, and sewing, I have one strap completed.  Very little of that time was actually spent sewing. Strap number 2 is underneath the completed one. Pinning has taken the bulk of the time. I should be able to get the other strap done today. I should also be…

Getting Started

All right, so I had a couple of snags last week. My outlet was too far from my machine, which I knew, but I also knew I had an extension cord that would take care of that. Do you think I could find it? Of course not. Then, once I did find it, I couldn’t…

Almost Ready to Start

I have a bookshelf with fabric and I have a clean working area. Tomorrow, I’m going to refresh some skills and check that my machine is in good working order. T. S.

It’s Here!

My thread arrived while I was away passing a martial arts grading! It’s just a starter pack, but it’s so colourful 🙂 I have some things to do before I get sewing, but I’m happy to be a little more prepared. My sewing area is mostly clean now save the floor.  Time to get making…

Starting Up

I thought it might be neat to capture this sewing journey from the beginning. It gives anyone who may be thinking about starting their own business, some things to think about. What It’s important to figure out what you aim to produce or provide as a business. I’ve decided what I’ll start with and what…


Planning a business is a lot of work!