Getting Started

All right, so I had a couple of snags last week. My outlet was too far from my machine, which I knew, but I also knew I had an extension cord that would take care of that. Do you think I could find it?

Of course not.

Then, once I did find it, I couldn’t find the cord for my machine.

I realized I could start a project anyway as my purse is falling apart and I had a pattern and fabric. So I got to work cutting out the pieces:

This morning, I ironed them despite the heat warning we are under in my city. Then I started the pockets.

So far it’s going pretty well. I’m a little unhappy with my iron as it never seems to get all the wrinkles out of anything. I might need a better one at some point. It’s also possible I just need more ironing experience as I tend to buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed.

The nylon liner material is a bit challenging to work with, but part of this project is to test my materials and shake off the rust.

I’m missing one notion, a magnetic closure. That part is still good on my old purse. I may try to reuse that piece and keep the bits of leather for some future project.

T. S.


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